About SIN

SIN stands for Strength In Numbers. We are a volunteer-based network of social groups for HIV+ gay men. The goal of SIN is to empower poz guys to build better, healthier relationships and learn more about HIV related issues from each other as peers.

We Communicate with our members through this site as well as our Yahoo! Group


and our private Facebook Page



3 thoughts on “About SIN

  1. Hello Sinners, This is Phillip and I wanted to know how to go about letting SINNYC members know that if they need home services, cleaning, cooking, errands etc. Can i post the info or asked individually. I have 3 clients that I see twice times a week. I clean, cook, mop, vacum, do dishes, laundry, run errands, paint, repairs etc for a nominal fee to cove my expenses. My way of showing support and helping others in my siuation, but staying positive in more ways than one. Please advised as to if I can post or just do wor of mouth at SINNYC events. Many Thanks, Phillip

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